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Alpaca Sense and Nonsense
Read this brochure for good advice
what to look for
what to look OUT for
as you plan
your alpaca business and shop for alpacas.

More good advice...

Test any alpaca you are purchasing for the
presence of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVD)
testing. A reputable breeder should not object and if the
owner does not show you proof of prior negative should
understand your desire to run this test.

When assessing fleece, remember that
micron isn't everything.
Fineness and consistency of micron count throughout a
fleece are both important, but recognize that low micron
count can be achieved by underfeeding and will result in
a very poor quality, weak fiber. Make sure that the alpaca
is at a healthy weight and all other measurements of a
quality alpaca are in place. Micron isn't everything.

Be wary of overly line-bred animals.
While some judicious line-breeding may be appropriate,
excessively line-bred animals may become genetically
weak, and closely related line-bred animals should not
be purchased as a breeding pair. A fair amount of
outbreeding is needed to maintain the hybrid vigor
needed for genetically strong animals.

Know your own goals for your business.
What is most important to you in your breeding program--
 fleece, conformation, showing?
What percentage of your income do you plan to get from
alpaca sales and how much from fiber projects and other
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