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Preemie Care

Abigail is a sweet little preemie who spent several weeks with us.
Here is her story, written by her owners, Steve and Sheila Hall of
Corley Mill Farms:
It was on an afternoon in
September that we
observed our favorite
dam, Rosie, going into
labor, several weeks early.
There was a small end of a
foot peeking out, but no
progress. We tried to
remain calm, but minutes
seemed like hours.
Steve began to gently pull and little by little our
adorable Abigail was born. She was limp and cold.
She was very small (9 lbs.), but did have teeth erupted,
and was so beautiful. Steve spent 3 days and night with
her in the barn. She would drink from a bottle well, but
was weak and unable to stand. Rosie became
uninterested in her,  so we became parents.

We were lucky Abigail was born on a Monday, since we
own a wedding facility and work mostly on weekends.
But after 3 days in the barn the weekend was fast
approaching and it would be difficult for us to take care
of our obligations and still give Abigail the care she

I called Susan for advice, since I knew she had a cria
in the same situation. She offered to take Abigail in
and put her under their vet's care while we were busy.

Luckily we did not hesitate, and Steve was in the car
and on the way in a few minutes. Abigail was growing
weaker by the minute and did not move during the
entire ride. Steve was afraid we would lose her on the

Susan and Steve took Abigail to the vet where she
needed IV fluids run immediately and blood was drawn
for testing. Then Susan took Abigail home.
We called and e-mailed daily and know that Susan
and Zac spent many hours caring for Abigail with
bottle feedings and Iv fluids every couple of hours,
antibiotics, vet visits, transfusions, etc. As the days
went by, our hopes that Abigail would live increased.
Susan was always positive and provided so much
hope for us.

A few weeks later, the day finally arrived; Abigail was
ready to come home. There stood Abigail, with Susan
and Zac's cria, Anna, in matching jackets, at the door
to greet us!
We are so fortunate to have had this care for Abigail.
We certainly would recommend Susan and Zac as
caregivers for any preemie. They have the knowledge
to provide care plus the support of a wonderful vet right
nearby. We have them to thank for for having Abigail
with us today.

Abigail is the sweetest, most loving alpaca we have
and she brings joy to our lives every day!
Abigail at 6 months
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