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Anna's Page
Anna was born very early and
was very  weak and sick when
she was born.
Anna received all
the love and
attention we could
give her plus
excellent care from
her vets.
Anna spent a long time learning to
walk and gaining strength.
Anna lived totally indoors for
almost a month,
and then slowly moved outdoors
a little during the day.
Eventually she was able to live
outdoors full time
with the other crias.
But for a long time she still liked
to come indoors now and then
to sit with us and watch
a little TV!
Anna Cavalletta
is a very special little cria.
Anna still has a very
special relationship with
her vets, Dr. Kelley
Phillips and Dr. Bryant
They invited Anna to ride
on their Christmas float
as their
"miracle baby".
And that she certainly is!
She couldn't even lift her head for 6
days and couldn't walk til day 10.
She was on IV fluids and a bottle
around the clock for about 6 days,
then was on bottle feeding around
the clock.
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