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About Us
alpaca farm, Greenville, SC
Breeding for the Best...

At Abbondanza we breed first for
long-term health and genetic

Next we breed for fine, dense and
crimpy fleeces and solid body
structure, and then finally for
the extra details
for the show ring.

Our initial herd was from rare
Bolivian lines,
which have produced a
beautiful foundation herd for us.
These diverse genes are much needed
to help maintain "hybrid vigor"
in the genetically limited N. American
alpaca population.

We have carefully bred into our
initial herd
excellent males from Peruvian
and Chilean lines
an attempt to create
the very best North American alpaca.

Males bred in
include males from lines such as
Peruvian Royal Fawn, Pluro,
Mr. President, and Santiago, among

We invite you to come visit and meet
some of
these fine alpacas.
Committed to your

We know from our own experience that
it takes more than
just the purchase of an alpaca to make
you a successful alpaca farmer.

You need someone to help you plan,
to help educate you in the care of the
animals, and to be there
for the long haul
to answer your questions
and to provide continuing support and

Much of your long-term success
in this new business venture
will be up to you---
your commitment to learning,
to making the effort to
network with other farms,
and to properly market your product.

But....  you need some initial help
and education;
you need the personal attention that
a small farm can give you.

We have dedicated much of our time
to our clients,
as well as to other small farmers in the
We are both charter members
The Alpaca Small Farm Network,
and Susan was the founding president.

Several years of our lives have been
dedicated to
providing education for new breeders,  
helping them
network with other farms in their area,
to personally going out and helping
in our area in times of need.

We are sincerely committed to
helping our clients succeed
in this industry.
About Us...

We have been in the alpaca business
for many years now,
and love it!

We live in Greenville, SC,
not too far from the NC foothills,
and just a few minutes off of Hwy. 85.

Zac is an art professor, and Susan
works in non-profit. The alpacas have
helped supplement Susan's income
so that she has been able to
continue her non-profit work
in small communities.

We love having these sweet,
gentle creatures as a part of our life.
We could not imagine our life
without them!

We welcome you
visit with us
and spend some time with
our alpaca family.
Susan and Zac. Buser
See the difference Abbondanza makes!
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